Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Our first round of fixtures for the new season have been provisionally announced, and are as follows:

25th April – Old Fallopians
We beat these last year which is a trend we are eminently capable of reversing.

8th May – Central London
If their title is to be believed, and they can call upon the whole of central London, then we have no chance. Unless central London is in fact technically located somewhere in the Thames and their side consists of a few ferry captains, some poo and a Sainsbury’s trolley.

16th May – Chats Palace
According to Wikipedia, ‘Chats’ was an affectionate term for headlice, although I think they take their name from a local community arts project.

22nd May – Victoria Park Juniors
These beat us last year, largely due to one kid who looked remarkably like a large, stubble-ridden adult. It turns out he was.

4th June – Tower Ravens
These also beat us last year, in the game that Nick Isaac mounted a Pit Bull Terrier.

12th June – Vallance
We actually beat these in the league last year, before getting violated by them in the cup.

There are four more 2nd phase league fixtures, plus potentially 5 cup games, all to be announced later.

Monday, March 19, 2007


The VPCCL 2007 AGM took place last week, it took nearly 4 hours and almost nothing changed, but it was a learning experience. For example; we now know that Will can repair a mail server after 8 pints of Guinness.

None-the-less, we are delighted to be part of it all and fixtures for the summer will be announced soon. Yay!