Monday, May 28, 2007


22nd May - VP Juniors beat London Fields by 46 runs...

Going in the match with some optimism (we narrowly lost this fixture last year) we thought we could give the league Champions a good, close match.

We bowled 1st and despite aggressive intent (their opening bat clumped the very first delivery to the boundary) we did a good job pegging them back. Richard, Ty, Will and Jakob all bowled well with little luck – but did manage to break each partnership just as it looked like running away from us.

It was noted that Ty was wearing a silly hat and took no wickets, yet the other three bowlers weren’t wearing silly hats and took a wicket each. Therefore with some nervousness, the ball was thrown to Ruby. Ruby however proved to be a fine anomaly and he and Chris (left on a hatrick) engineered something of collapse, leaving the opposition on a steady 123.

We then batted. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It was horrible. Let’s do this in order of score. Alex, duck. Ty, duck. Chris, One. Richard, Two. Robin, Six. Will Six. Only a bit of tonk from Jakob (12 not out) and an excellent 28 from Ruby (including a massive 6 that landed on 3rd selector Rob Harries’ bike) saved any face.

All out for 77, we simply couldn’t cope with the dynamic VP attack – including the fastest bowler we’ve faced this season…aged 14.


Tyrone said...

I'm think it was also 'noted' that I'm getting fat. Someone from the Fields is a keen observationalist.

Chris said...

Perhaps stupid hats just don't suit you!

Tyrone said...

ah, so its the hat that makes me look fat.

London Fields CC said...

and the pies