Friday, December 21, 2007


Your captain is a warrior...


Monday, November 19, 2007




(one to every two items of headwear, also a record)

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Can you remember what happened last summer?

Our first ever wholly interactive match report:

Rules: No lies, no swearing.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


It was the LFCC AGM on Saturday, before that I took a trip to visit league president Burt, along with Typhoon...

As you can see, I am pretty happy, and I don't think Burt is unhappy. All in all, this is a nice moment.
(Ty took the pic)

More from the AGM soon, but to conclude - we plan to be back for more next season. Woop!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Most times someone said 'COME ON ASTLEY!'

14 - Robin Astley

Most frequently snarled after bowling 4 excellent dot balls only to be hoiked away for a six next delivery.

And he's so calm off the pitch!

NB. This is only 3 below last seasons record.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I'll start with a nice one...

Best Bowling Performance:

Tyrone Graham V. Central London, 8/5/07...

4 overs, 5 wickets for 23.

Unplayable. The ball was moving more than his eyeballs on a Saturday night.

Friday, October 05, 2007


I'm starting to remember why I hate autumn and winter. There really is nothing to do except hope Spurs recover/collapse (depending on your footballing persuasion), watch poorly scheduled games of cricket half way around the world, and actually get some work done.

I was asked to send some stats in to the league as they are compiling a review or something, so I thought I'd use these for an occasional feature over these dull months. Keep your eyes open and relive some of the glorious, glamorous and totally shoddy moments of the last summer...

Monday, September 10, 2007


Your captain is an idiot.

Give what you can, it's a very good cause. Any donations massively appreciated!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


For those that missed it, LFCC's number 1 fan Russell Newlove has had his Slovenian Tour diary published. Very funny and worth a read:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


An apology, i published the wrong photo of our win over Pacific (a few posts below), this is the correct one...

Back row – John Avery

Middle row – Chris Skinner (Capt), Tyrone Graham, Ruby Quince, Robin Astley

Front row – Alex LeMay, Jason Lord, David Miller

(Thanks to Jason Lord)

Friday, August 10, 2007


London Fields CC, toasting our 2nd midweek season @ Rooburoo, Chapel Market, 7th August 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I have 'facebooked' photo's from last week here:

Sunday, August 05, 2007


After a disappointing July where we were let down by opposition and weather, we were still in a position where a win against Pacific would guarantee the Division 2 title. With a closely mowed outfield and glorious evening sunshine we were sure we could overturn last years defeat against our opponents, even after we (once again) lost the toss.

Ty and John opened the bowling with massively contrasting styles; Ty mesmerising the Pacific openers with a mix of wayward pace and unplayable swinging deliveries, John offering good old fashioned line and length. Pacific had little in reply and were barely into their 30’s after 6 overs. After a brief change of ends, bringing a wicket maiden, Ty finished his 4 overs with an excellent 2 for 20.

Robin and Dave ‘Taz’ Miller took control from here, initially baffling the opposition (Robin picking up 2 key partnership breaking wickets), until Taz had a go at Alex Le Mays bowling achievements from a month back. Despite managing to go for 22 off his 3rd over he could only manage falling 2 runs short of Le Mays generous record, going for 41 from 3 – there’s always next season!

Chris and John finished the bowling off, John continuing his niggling medium pace and Chris bowling terribly, picking up a flattering 1 for 11 from his 2 overs (thanks to some sharp keeping from Jason).

With the heady scent of victory inflaming our nostrils, a strong start was needed if we were going to chase down the target of 126. The early loss of Ruby did little to slow down Lordy who opened his innings with fours to all corners of the ground. Joining him, John also played some cracking aggressive strokes and when he fell for 15 we were already ahead of the required run rate.

Excellent tip and run play dominated the middle of the innings, as Rachmaninov lover Alex and Lordy milked the Pacific bowlers like buxom Manatee’s. The two departed in close succession however, Alex for 12 and Jason for what was to be a match winning 50 – not only did he have the pleasure of retiring, but we could call on him again should the run chase get sticky.

Not to be slowed down, Taz (23no) embarked on some massive leg side hitting against the Pacific spinners, and he and Chris saw Fields over the line with 2 overs to spare.

A comfortable victory in a match that we never looked like losing. We fielded superbly (John Avery taking a superb running catch), bowled aggressive lines and batted with supreme confidence. Apparently we even get a trophy!!

(Scorecard below)


London Fields won by 4 wickets...

Pacific 125/6 (16 overs)

Name Overs Maidens Wickets Runs RPO
Ty 4 1 2 20 5.0
John 4 0 0 15 3.8
Robin 3 0 2 20 6.7
Dave M 3 0 0 41 13.7
Chris 2 0 1 11 5.5

London Fields 128/3 (14 overs)
Name How Out Runs
Jason Retired (N.O.) 50
Ruby B. Rees 5
John C. B. Gledow 15
Alex C. B. Purcell 12
Dave Not Out 23
Chris Not Out 5


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


What a difference a week makes... a 50 for Jason Lord and two wickets each for Robin Astley and Ty Graham see us to victory over Pacific and wrap up the Division 2 title...more to follow...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Amazingly, we actually had some opposition on Monday. They were there, so were we. The rain was also there however, pissing itself at the thought of us playing our 1st game for a month. Not a ball was bowled.

It'll probably snow next Tuesday when we play Pacific.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


With no opposition, but a sunny evening, 8 men and a free pitch, a net session turned into a double wicket contest...

Recent Cat in The Hat school graduate Dave paired up with Telfer and set an imposing net target of 33 from 6 overs (5 runs deducted for each wicket). Following them Chris and Ty seemed to be on the verge of eclipsing that until the big hitting Ty got bowled twice in succession by Paul T(ea), they finished on 39.

Ruby and Nick Isaac then really upped the tempo (or just sussed out there were few fielders and no umpire), losing just 1 wicket and scoring 62. Things then got a little ridiculous when we realised that both keepers were on the same team. Lordy and Teasdale then giggled their way to towards the last over with some woeful support from the fieldsmen. They needed 12 to win from the last 6, and 1 off the last ball which they achieved comfortably. Nick Isaac then revealed that it should be a tie as he had miscalculated on the scorebook (which was a Sainburys receipt from Chris's wallet). Cue a pointless debate where the honours were disputed...

I can now officially reveal that Ty and Chris won.

Scorecard and receipt info below:



Nick 3 0 31 0

Ty 3 0 26 1

Simon 1 0 14 0

Paul 2 0 17 2

Jason 3 0 37 2

Chris 3 0 30 2

Ruby 3 0 20 1

Dave 3 0 20 0

Telfer 3 0 33 0

Bats (-5 runs per wicket)
Dave 32/1

Ruby 33/1
Telfer 10/2

Nick 22/0
Extras 6

Extras 8
Score 48

Score 62
Wickets 3

Wickets 1
Total 33

Total 57

Ty 27/3

Paul 34/1
Chris 16/0

Jason 21/1
Extras 11

Extras 12
Score 54

Score 67
Wickets 3

Wickets 2
Total 39

Total 57

1 ploughmans sandwich 1.70
2 multibuy packs of satsumas 2.00
Cashback 20.00
Total 23.70

It's obvious that the sandwich set the early pace, but the multibuy saw satsumas dominate as soon as they were introduced. A brief, but excellent shop.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Without a game since 26th June due to no-shows and cup matches, we were quite looking forward to playing on Tuesday. Sadly the opposition pulled out 24 hours ahead of the game as they only had 4 players.

Now, I’m sure they did go to some effort to get more men, and running a side can be hard work on top of jobs, drinking, telly etc. but surely there were people somewhere in town who would have played? League rules state that a team needs 5 players minimum so they were only 1 man away from a good run around in the park. Surely a slightly under strength team would be better than twiddling your thumbs at home, watching Eastenders?

There were even a few people at the nets who would have loved a game, and I'd have had no problem with them joining our opposition.

Still, 8 of us still turned up and played an excellent double wicket match, more on that to follow.

So we're now top of division 2 without having played a match, our fingers firmly crossed for Monday’s game! If the league AGM didn't already last so long I’d propose that any side that fails to fulfil a fixture should automatically finish bottom of the league.

(Gets off high horse)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


After East End Cavaliers failed to put a team out against London Fields, the 8 Fieldsmen, plus 4 New Boys and 2 (very pleasant) randoms embarked on a 12 over, 7 aside smashathon.

Isaac won the toss and decided to bat and openers Sudu and Jason made steady (slow) progress until Ruby finally broke the partnership in the 7th over (thanks to a great catch from Saif). Tyrone upped the run rate with some clean hitting but another wicket for Ruby and one for Chris prevented any serious partnership building. The Isaac brothers nudged the batting sides to a competitive 82 and the Skinner 7 needed 7 an over to snatch victory.

The chase started poorly with Saif and Ruby both bagging golden ducks to the bowling of New Boy Kashem, before his fellow New Boys Mosin and Nizmul got the score moving. Nizmul, Alex and Chris fell in quick succession (two for Rips and one for a lucky Will Isaac) which left Paul T(ea) and the returning Mosin (who had retired on 25) needing to knock off a nervous 23 runs from 3.3 overs. Despite the immense pressure, they kept their heads and completed a marvelous victory with 5 balls to spare.

A good fun contest with a rare opportunity for Fieldsmen to sledge their colleagues made a potentially cack evening a far better experience than anticipated. Best of luck to New Boys for the rest of the season too.

Will Isaac VII
(Will, Jason Lord, Kashem, Nick Isaac, Ty Graham, Rips, Sudu)

Chris Skinner VII
(Chris, Nizmul, Saif, Ruby Quince, Mosin, Alex LeMay, Paul Teasdale)

Isaac VII 82/4 (12 overs)
Jason 18 (Ret)
Sudu 15

Skinner VII 83/5 (11.1 overs)
Mosin 38 no
Paul 20

(Apologies if I've misspelled/incorrectly named anyone)


East End Cavaliers failed to turn up for our match last night, a bit annoying that they never let us (and one of their own players) know this was going to happen but at least we get the points!

In the end we played a friendly match seeing a Will Isaac VII against a Chris Skinner VII with numbers made up by a few lads from New Boys and a few other random netters - a good fun match was won by the excellent Skinner side and a report will follow soon.

On another note, we tend not to pay too much attention to the oppositions results, but check this amazing result out:

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


After Sunday’s fixture Vs Baring was cancelled due to a slightly (very) damp pitch, a few Fieldsmen headed to Viccy Park for a net session. Baring CC had a similar idea and with the artificial pitches coping fine with the showers we decided to hold an impromptu 20/20 fixture.

With 2 Baring players already padded up, there was no toss and 8 of their players got going against 5 of us (RJ, Will, Ty, Faraz and Chris), plus their keeper, and the son of one of their players. Chris opened the bowling (with an old ball) and was soon rewarded with a wicket, another soon fell to RJ and Barings seemed to have, er, lost their bearings. A resolute partnership from Matt and Andrew steadied their innings, but we were boosted by the arrival of two new players in the form of debutant Matt Thompson and Ruby ‘Cat in the Hat’ Quince.

Tyrone finally broke the partnership and was unlucky not to claim a hat-trick, soon after Will also took 2 wickets in 2 balls and we looked to have wrapped it up. Barings however had managed to get on the phone to the rest of their team, who seemed to arrive just in time to keep the innings going and they finished their innings 8 wickets down with 112 on the board.

Richard (16) and Will opened our reply confidently but as Chris joined Will at the crease there were potentially disastrous off-field events taking place. A large group of kids and parents had arrived, with tables, chairs and even gazebos. Sadly they were not here to watch us and the park warden wandered over and ordered us off the pitch. Not to be beaten (we had after all relocated pitch already that day), we marched over to another free pitch and continued there. The move did for Chris who was bowled in the first over of the restart, but Faraz (25no) and Will guided us come with a mix of lucky drops and good hitting. Will clumped the winning runs for 4 and finished on 49 not out (if only he had gone for a 6!).

Considering this was meant to be another casualty to the rain, it turned out to be a great afternoon thanks to Baring's enthusiasm and the power of mobile communication. Who knows, one day it might stop raining and we might get a proper game in at London Fields!?

*Worst. Headline. Ever.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


There’s not a lot you can say about this. We lost to them a few weeks back in the league and lost by an almost identical score this time. Therefore, let’s do this in 2 lists:


  1. They batted 1st and won the toss.
  2. They scored just over 120
  3. In reply, we scored less than 90.
  4. Only a slight wag from the tail prevented complete embarrassment.
  5. They were an impressive and friendly opposition.


  1. More than 2 of our batsmen got into double figures.
  2. One of their players annoyed his own team almost as much as ours.
  3. Er, different pitch.
  4. That’s about it.

Well done to Ty for bowling like he was still at Glastonbury one moment, ripping stumps out the other, and Alex who hit an accomplished 24.

More fun and games next week.

(Scorecard below)


Cup Round 1...

VP Juniors won by 41 runs:

VP Juniors 127/4 (14 overs)

Name Overs Maidens Wickets Runs RPO
Ty 4 0 2 34 8.5
Will 4 0 0 24 6.0
John 3 0 0 26 8.7
Alex 3 0 1 43 14.3

London Fields 86 All Out

Name How Out Runs
Paul Tea Caught 12
Nick Bowled 12
Jason Caught 2
Will Bowled 3
Chris Bowled 13
Alex Stumped 24
John Run Out 3
Ty Not Out 3


Monday, June 18, 2007


League fixtures for the 2nd part of the season are now confirmed and available to view in the right hand bar over there ----->

Our 4 'Super 6' opponents will be East End Cavaliers, Victoria Lounge, Rose & Crown and Pacific. Our win against Vallance last week means we carry over 2 points! Yay!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Just to confirm, we finished 4th and qualify for division 2...

Green League

Played Won Lost N/R Points
Tower Ravens 6 5 1 0 10
Victoria Park Juniors 6 5 1 0 10
Vallance 6 3 2 1 7
London Fields 6 3 3 0 6
Central London 6 2 3 1 5
Chats Palace 6 2 4 0 4
OId Fallopians 6 0 6 0 0

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Needing a win to attain 2nd Division status against a team also needing success to qualify for the top league, an epic performance was required – three hours later we had delivered just that.

Losing the toss (again) and fielding first (again), Ty and Steve bowled perfect lines to the opposition’s openers. Ty rewarded with an early wicket after forcing the batsman into wild swings at the ball. Two more soon followed for Steve, with help from great catches by Alex and Will, and we were well set. After 8 overs Vallance had just over 50, were 3 wickets down and another bat had retired hurt. Our opponents have a fine record in this league though and fought back with a mix of clever singles and aggressive hitting. John, Chris, Ruby and Will all took a bit of a pasting and after the full sixteen overs, we were set a target of 156.

A quick start was essential, and Paul T(ea) and John got us going at 10 an over with some excellent exploiting of the gaps in the field. With boundaries hard to find, John ran five consecutive 2’s at one stage. Shattered, he was bowled by the Vallance spinner on 30. A similarly run happy Paul T(ea) followed soon after for a whippet-like 25 and we risked collapse. Needing 83 off the last 8 overs, Will and Alex consolidated before opening up. An injury to Alex left him needing a runner, but he was still able to find the gaps enough to get Will on strike. A huge 6 when on 48 gave Will his half-century and retirement and just 14 were needed from the last 2 overs…

The returning Vallance opening bowler finally took the wicket of Alex (17), and Chris and Ruby could only scratch 2 runs off the over. With 2 new batsmen and 12 needed from the last 6 balls things were tense. The fielding side’s tails were up and there were more than a few words…so the last over…

1st ball – Chris hit for 4 and the game was back on…

2nd ball – A wide. 7 needed from 5.

2nd ball (again) – Chris managed to get bat on ball and a quickly sprinted 3.

3rd ball – Ruby hit for 2 – 2 needed for victory.

4th ball – Played and missed, momentum swung back a little.

5th ball – Clump! Ruby hammered straight down the ground for 4.

A 4 wicket victory in fading light, our biggest ever successful run chase and a game where all 8 played a key role. Will’s 50 was a joy to watch, Ty and John kept their heads and umpired admirably in a pressure cooker situation, and a special mention to Turley who kept score when we ran out of players in the enveloping chaos.

Scorecard below...



London Fields won by 4 woop woop wickets!

Vallance 155/5 (16 overs)

Name Overs Maidens Wickets Runs
Ty 4 0 1 23
Steve 4 0 2 27
John 2 0 0 31
Ruby 1 0 0 11
Will 3 0 0 34
Chris 2 0 0 26

London Fields 158/3 (15.5 overs)

Name How Out Runs
Paul Tea Stumped 25
John Bowled 30
Will Retired 54
Alex Caught 17
Ruby Not Out 8
Chris Not Out 8

Total: 158 Ovs: 15.5


London Fields win amazing match V Vallance with a ball to spare!

...more info to follow!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


We might have lost the ability to win matches...

But we've mastered looking like complete tools!


A beautiful evening for cricket was hampered before play even began when police were called to remove a ranting lady carrying some slightly controversial opinions who was more than a little worse for wear, not that this is an excuse…

Batting first, Paul (22) and Will (27) put on a steady partnership, before Paul was carelessly stumped by an eagle eyed keeper, whose enthusiasm was typical of the excellent Tower Ravens fielding performance. Wickets tumbled as we tried to open up against their spinners, but efforts from Ruby (11) and John (who hit a fine 6 in his 21 not out) helped us to a competitive 117.

In reply, we knew we had a game on when one of the Tower Ravens openers hit Grant for one of the largest 6’s any of us have seen at the VP Astrodome. It went so far that two minutes later, having circumnavigated the globe, it landed somewhere beyond the nets. Our bowlers kept their cool though, with Pete taking a key wicket in four economic overs and John ripping through three further batsmen.

Ravens were stuck on 47/3 from the first 7 overs and we were well in control. At this point though, we lost our minds more than the drunk who joined us at the start of the match – our fielding became increasingly erratic with (often difficult) catches going down when they would normally be held – Dave being particularly unlucky diving for two tough chances. In addition, there were wild throws at the stumps causing overthrows in a range of unnecessary situations - Ravens needed just 15 from the last 18 balls. Bringing himself on, Chris only went for three off his 1st over, put a poor 2nd over allowed a four to be struck from the penultimate ball and seal victory for Tower Ravens by 2 wickets.

A terrible result, especially as weather appears to have aspired against us, leaving a team we bowled out for 49 a few weeks ago above us in the league and heading to division 2 because of a rained off tie. We need to beat Vallance next week to give us a hope of avoiding the third tier ‘super’ 6’s.

Scorecard below...


London Fields lost to Tower Ravens by 8 broken spirits...

London Fields 117/6 (16 overs)

Name How Out Runs
Paul Stumped 22
Will Caught 27
Ruby Stumped 11
Dave Caught 0
John Not Out 21
Chris Bowled 6
Pete Run out 5
Grant Not Out 2
Total: 118 Overs: 16

Tower Ravens 121/5 (15.5 Overs)

Name Overs Maidens Wickets Runs RPO
Pete 4 0 1 17 4.3
Grant 2 0 0 24 12.0
John 4 0 3 29 7.3
Will 3 0 1 28 9.3
Chris 1.5 0 0 11 5.8
Dave 1 0 0 7 7.0

Monday, May 28, 2007


22nd May - VP Juniors beat London Fields by 46 runs...

Going in the match with some optimism (we narrowly lost this fixture last year) we thought we could give the league Champions a good, close match.

We bowled 1st and despite aggressive intent (their opening bat clumped the very first delivery to the boundary) we did a good job pegging them back. Richard, Ty, Will and Jakob all bowled well with little luck – but did manage to break each partnership just as it looked like running away from us.

It was noted that Ty was wearing a silly hat and took no wickets, yet the other three bowlers weren’t wearing silly hats and took a wicket each. Therefore with some nervousness, the ball was thrown to Ruby. Ruby however proved to be a fine anomaly and he and Chris (left on a hatrick) engineered something of collapse, leaving the opposition on a steady 123.

We then batted. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It was horrible. Let’s do this in order of score. Alex, duck. Ty, duck. Chris, One. Richard, Two. Robin, Six. Will Six. Only a bit of tonk from Jakob (12 not out) and an excellent 28 from Ruby (including a massive 6 that landed on 3rd selector Rob Harries’ bike) saved any face.

All out for 77, we simply couldn’t cope with the dynamic VP attack – including the fastest bowler we’ve faced this season…aged 14.


London Fields CC lose to VP Juniors by about 500 runs...

VP Juniors 123 All out

Name Overs Maidens Wickets Runs
Richard 3 0 1 22
Tyrone 3 0 0 26
Will 3 0 1 27
Jakob 3 0 1 26
Ruby 2 0 1 15
Chris 1.3 0 2 7

London Fields 77 All out

Name How Out Runs
Robin Run Out 6
Alex Bowled 0
Will Bowled 6
Richard Caught 2
Ruby Caught 28
Chris Bowled 1
Jakob Not Out 12
Ty Bowled 0
Total: 77
Overs: 13.4

Saturday, May 26, 2007


4 Games played today and this is where we're at...

Green League

Played Won Lost N/R Points
Victoria Park Juniors 4 4 0 0 8
Vallance 4 3 0 1 7
Tower Ravens 4 3 1 0 6
London Fields 4 2 2 0 4
Central London 5 1 3 1 3
Chats Palace 5 1 4 0 2
OId Fallopians 4 0 4 0 0

1 more win should see us into the 2nd division, but it's close!

(Table taken from VPCCL website - check it out, it's amazing!)


The face of failure...

Lordy, Rob, Robin, Chris, Telfer, Big Paul T, Ty and John drown their sorrows after defeat to Chats Palace.

Monday, May 21, 2007


(Match report below)

Chats Palace - 150/5 (16 overs)

Name Overs Maidens Wickets Runs
Tyrone 4 0 1 29
John 4 0 1 29
Robin 2 0 0 20
Telfer 3 0 1 33
Nick 2 0 0 23
Chris 1 0 0 9


London Fields - 126/6 (16 overs)

Paul Teas Caught 2
Jason Bowled 47
Chris Run Out 7
Robin Lbw 35
Nick Bowled 2
John Run Out 7
Ty Not Out 7
Telfer Not Out 1


After bowling last weeks opposition for just 49, and with some nasty weather presenting itself, the skipper decided it would be a good idea to put the opposition in. This week however the bowlers struggled to get their lines right and the theoretically weaker opposition began piling the runs on. Ty, John and Telfer did the bulk of the bowling and despite some good balls, and a wicket each, every Chats batsman got at least a start

Towards the end of the innings, the boyfriend of the Chats Palace skippers daughter(!?) did a fine job of endearing himself with the in-laws, launching some crunching sixes, and only some nonsense in the last over allowing Chris and Jason to engineer a couple of run outs added to the wickets column.

So to the Fields turn to bat and our dynamic opening pair of Jason and Paul Teasdale (recent destroyer of the club batting record) lasted just 2 runs. Chris then joined Jason and despite their excellent communication in the field, the pair YES, NO and MAYBE’d their way through some shambolic running before Jason ran Chris out of his misery for 7. Facing certain defeat, Robin(30) and Jason then built a steady innings, and thanks to some generous bowling, put on a fine partnership of 74. The loss of Jason for 47, followed by Nick and John, trying to force the issue, plus some solid late bowling saw us fall 25 runs short.

The evening then continued at pace in POTP before a stealthily planned game of ‘bendy bus cricket’ was stopped by a killjoy bus driver. Oh dear, we’re probably only a handful of defeats from getting ourselves ASBO’s!

Monday, May 14, 2007


8/5/07 Team V Central London

(Alex, Pete, Jason, Robin, Chris, Dave, Ruby, Ty)

Thanks Robin!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


On a blustery early May evening where even Aleem Dar might have had trouble allowing play to continue, Fields were unsure if losing the toss was such a bad thing.

Opening the bowling, Ty and Pete were absolutely unplayable. Pete’s pace sent Central London into their shells before Ty ripped through the line up with an outstanding display of seam and swing. He had spent 20 unsuccessful minutes looking for stumps before the match, and as he hurled the ball at them with alarming consistency once play started, there was more than a hint of irony.

After finishing his spell with 5/23 (2 fine catches from Lordy included), Ruby and Robin (with his 1st and only ball) soon wrapped things up with Central London amassing just 49. Surely an easy win was on the cards…

Dave(13) and Alex(6) started steadily and after the latter fell, Chris came out and hit a brisk 12 before playing on. With less than 10 needed Robin came and went quicker than you can say ‘random bag of porn DVD’s fell from the sky and landed in front of Ruby outside Pub on the Park’*. Fortunately, Jason and Ruby kept their heads and guided us home for a 3 wicket victory with half our innings remaining.

Over in less than 80 minutes, it was one of the more bizarre matches we have played in and a 100% record puts us in a good position for the four remaining group matches.

*That really happened, after the match, in POTP, quite amazing.


Central London Innings:

Name Overs Maidens Wickets Runs
Ty 4 0 5 23
Pete 4 0 0 18
Ruby 1 0 1 6
Robin 0.1 0 1 0

Total: 49 All Out

London Fields Innings:

Name How Out Runs
Dave Bowled 13
Alex Bowled 6
Chris Bowled 12
Jason Not out 4
Robin Caught 0
Ruby Not Out 1
Pete Dnb

Ty Dnb

Total: 50 Overs: 7.2

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


25/4/07 - Team V Old Fallopians

(Robin, Alex, Jason, Richard, Ruby, Chris, Ty, Will)

I can't explain why everyone looks stoned. I really can't - we're serious sportsmen!

(Thanks to Robin for the pics!)