Thursday, April 26, 2007


Enthusiasm for the new season was heightened when the Old Fallopians won the toss and put the Fields in, particularly generous given the early sunset and the fact that both teams only had five players at the time of the toss.

Lordy and Robin opened the batting and were comfortably able to work the ball around for an opening partnership of 42. Lordy’s departure for 11 saw newcomer Alex strut to the crease to score a progressively manic 25.

With the loss of Robin who scored an excellent 37, the team embarked on a spectacular display of unorthodox nonsense which saw Will (13) thump a huge six before he and Richard were bowled by deliveries from late Fallopian arrival Freddie.

By now, the enthusiastic Alex seemed to be running to and from each end with little regard for the ball bowled, shot played or location of any fielders. A spectacular last over saw Will and RJ both bowled, Chris run out without scoring from a wide, Ruby padding up on the pitch and finally Alex running himself out of the last ball. Our initially gentle run rate had upped a little and our score of 107 from 14 overs left the match evenly poised.

Our opening bowling attack of Ty and Ruby kept things tight and Will also joined in with unsettling aggression. The introduction of RJ to the attack turned things around spectacularly when, after getting clumped for 2 boundaries off his first 2 balls, he then took 2 consecutive wickets. From here, the Fallopians were always off the pace and fell 14 runs short.

Alex, RJ and Ruby all made notable contributions on their debut, our fielding was unexpectedly excellent and Old Fallopians provided competitive and friendly opposition in a game that could have gone either way. Surprisingly, we then headed to POTP.

London Fields 107/6 (14 overs)
Robin 37
Alex 25


Old Fallopians 93/4 (14 overs)
RJ 2/10
Ruby 1/15

By 14 runs

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Chris said...

I have been asked to add that there were 2 spectacular run outs, one of which engineered by Robin and the other Ty. Well done gents. Hmm, which one was better?