Tuesday, May 08, 2007


On a blustery early May evening where even Aleem Dar might have had trouble allowing play to continue, Fields were unsure if losing the toss was such a bad thing.

Opening the bowling, Ty and Pete were absolutely unplayable. Pete’s pace sent Central London into their shells before Ty ripped through the line up with an outstanding display of seam and swing. He had spent 20 unsuccessful minutes looking for stumps before the match, and as he hurled the ball at them with alarming consistency once play started, there was more than a hint of irony.

After finishing his spell with 5/23 (2 fine catches from Lordy included), Ruby and Robin (with his 1st and only ball) soon wrapped things up with Central London amassing just 49. Surely an easy win was on the cards…

Dave(13) and Alex(6) started steadily and after the latter fell, Chris came out and hit a brisk 12 before playing on. With less than 10 needed Robin came and went quicker than you can say ‘random bag of porn DVD’s fell from the sky and landed in front of Ruby outside Pub on the Park’*. Fortunately, Jason and Ruby kept their heads and guided us home for a 3 wicket victory with half our innings remaining.

Over in less than 80 minutes, it was one of the more bizarre matches we have played in and a 100% record puts us in a good position for the four remaining group matches.

*That really happened, after the match, in POTP, quite amazing.

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Jason said...

Spectacular report on a spectacular occasion. Quite lidderally lol