Thursday, July 19, 2007


Without a game since 26th June due to no-shows and cup matches, we were quite looking forward to playing on Tuesday. Sadly the opposition pulled out 24 hours ahead of the game as they only had 4 players.

Now, I’m sure they did go to some effort to get more men, and running a side can be hard work on top of jobs, drinking, telly etc. but surely there were people somewhere in town who would have played? League rules state that a team needs 5 players minimum so they were only 1 man away from a good run around in the park. Surely a slightly under strength team would be better than twiddling your thumbs at home, watching Eastenders?

There were even a few people at the nets who would have loved a game, and I'd have had no problem with them joining our opposition.

Still, 8 of us still turned up and played an excellent double wicket match, more on that to follow.

So we're now top of division 2 without having played a match, our fingers firmly crossed for Monday’s game! If the league AGM didn't already last so long I’d propose that any side that fails to fulfil a fixture should automatically finish bottom of the league.

(Gets off high horse)

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